How much are direct to garment printers?

Pretreatment is applied to dark as well as white shirts, andapproximately the same amount of pretreatment is applied to both. Additionally,the price of pretreatment for light garments and dark garments is often thesame.

As an illustration, using the G4 direct-to-garment printingmachine with Kokak Kodacholor Inks requires that the pretreatment be set by theheat press for forty-five seconds. That time is the same regardless of whetheryou are wearing light or dark clothing.

Last but not least, following printing, the curing periodfor both light and dark clothes is the same: 45 seconds.

These timeframes will probably change if you use a differentink set or DTG printer; however, the fundamental principle will remain thesame.

When you compare printing on dark clothing, which requireswhite ink under the base to make the colors seem beautiful, to printing on alight garment, which does not require such ink under the base, you can see thecontrasts.

When we consider things like how long it takes to print andhow much ink it costs (and, potentially cost of the garment itself).

In the case of the parrot print, which serves as ourillustration, the following is a breakdown of the times and prices involved.

Keep in mind that the difference in ink costs is due to thewhite ink layer!

As can be seen from these figures, the production of a blackshirt takes nearly three times as long as the production of a white shirt, andthe cost of the ink is approximately six times as much in this particularinstance.

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This innovative inkjet printing technology prints bothhigh-quality highlight white and full-color picture information simultaneously,resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of time required for thewhole printing process. By using the quick-load grip pad rather than the usualplaten hoops, you may cut down on the amount of time it takes to load t-shirtsand other types of garments. Epson came up with a one-of-a-kind cleaning cartridgethat is only for use with their Automatic Maintenance System (AMS), which is anextremely efficient approach for maintaining printers. This not only helps cutdown on total maintenance costs, but it also saves time by automating formerlymanual processes.

DTG printing, a more recent process that prints designdirectly on a variety of different surfaces using a digital print head, isundergoing a phase of tremendous expansion at the moment. A squeegee is used topress the ink through the openings in the stencil, which then applies the inkdirectly to the surface that is being printed on. It is an industrial printingmachine capable of printing T-shirts and garments at fast speeds, with aproduction rate of up to 220 garments per hour. Price for a Direct to GarmentPrinter using Refinecolor technology for a T-shirt T-shirt printing machinethat uses directly garment printing for an A3 format.